• Cruising for Beginners

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    Cruising offers a unique, fun way to vacation by giving you the chance to travel by ship to some of the world's premiere destinations. Imagine getting to see exciting new locations and experience a multitude of activities both on and offshore, all with the convenience of only having to unpack and get situated once.

    Most cruise lines offer fantastic packages that are all-inclusive and amount to much more of a bargain than if you ventured out on your own. Plus, with conveniences such as stable WiFi, chef-prepared meals, guaranteed access to amenities such as laundry, and room service, cruises are a great bang for anybody's buck!

    Cruise Companies

    With the burst of popularity, the industry has experienced over the years, many different types of cruise line options are available to a variety of locations across the globe.

    Carnival Cruise Lines is a premium pick and offers business options which provide guests with meeting spaces, WiFi, A/V equipment, and 24/hour room service, among other accommodations. However, there are plenty of other specialty experiences offered by the cruise line, including Carnival Sunshine, which has its very own water park on board, and Carnival Magic, which offers an unbeatable view from a half-mile long deck as well as the first at-sea ropes course.

    For families, Disney Cruise Lines offer an amazing variety of packages to choose from. Most include such great perks as live Disney theater, meet and greets with characters, and family-oriented deck parties. The packages whose destinations include the Caribbean, Transatlantic, Panama Canal, and the Bahamas also get to experience Disney Castaway Cay. This private, luxury island offers a snorkeling experience for all levels of experience, a Lilo and Stitch Dance party, and a beach equipped with everything from volleyball courts to barbecue pits.

    Royal Caribbean has an outstanding reputation in the industry and is sure to give you a quality experience that you will remember always, regardless of which package you choose. Quantum Class gives you the thrill of a lifetime by bringing skydiving right on board your ship, while Freedom Class lives up to its name by offering a surfing simulator and rock climbing wall. With nightlife options such as Club 20, On Air Karaoke Club, and casino tournaments, this cruise line will definitely treat you to the Royal experience you've always dreamed of.

    Best Practices

    The first step to planning your successful trip is to compare cruise lines and packages and choose the best one for you.

    After finding a promising option, you will want to carefully read over what the ship offers and what is actually included with your ticket. Also pay attention to the overall cruise line policies. Some cruise lines have dress codes, rules of conduct, alcohol limits, or smoking restrictions that you will want to be aware of prior to making your purchase and boarding your ship. Being fully informed of all of the options and expectations of your trip beforehand will guarantee that you have a fully enjoyable, unforgettable experience.

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